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Bose SoundDock Speaker

Music lovers would appreciate the great sound quality that's available from Bose's SoundDock speaker systems. You just need to plug in your iPod or iPod mini and dock it to enhance the great tonal quality of your favorite music.

Some of the great features available with the SoundDock are what Bose is already famous for: great acoustics, sleek and minimalist design, state-of-the-art compatibility with your storage devices and space-saving footprint. Additionally, you also get the advantage of portability, auxiliary input options, iPod charging and remote control that allows you to control the SoundDock from anywhere in the room. The SoundDock is compatible with any click-wheel iPod and this includes nano, mini and video models. Though it's specifically designed for the iPod platforms, the SoundDock is fitted with an auxiliary input that allows you to connect other audio devices like mp3 players, phone-music or CD players. This means you get Bose quality sound from any other device as well.

The system is extremely user-friendly and easy to operate. The BOSE SOUNDDOCK has no extra wires and doesn't require adapters or jacks. All you need to do is to place it correctly in the docking-station or cradle and sit back to enjoy your favorite tunes. One great feature that the SoundDock has is that it is self-charging and the lithium-ion battery begins to charge itself automatically once it's placed in the dock, so you never have annoying breaks or interruptions in your listening. You can also plug into an AC outlet. Whether it's battery or AC, the sound quality stays true and this is a big advantage.

What every music lover wants and deserves is authentic sound quality. You don't want that irritating hiss or crackle, or that tinny, brittle sound that many speakers produce. With Bose, you get their famous top-quality acoustics, crisp vocals and bass, sharp and clear mid-ranges and amazing low notes – so whether you're an opera buff or a metal fan, you'll get some seriously great sound quality, especially in smaller rooms.

The remote control is good-looking, stylish and very sleek. It's credit-card slim, with advanced features that allow the iPod back and screen light to be switched off while charging, buttons for forward and back tracks and also volume-control.

Features that may not delight the customer entirely include the extensive power cabling that's required since the converter is not built-in. This means the actual portability is much reduced if you want to take your SoundDock to other rooms or places in the house/office. Some customers may also find the price less than affordable but with a reputed and reliable name like Bose, things usually even out in the long run.

I hope you found this article informative and helpful. You can visit for some more information about the BOSE IPOD DOCK and they usually have a nice product selection to choose from.
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