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Bose PC Speakers

Producing quality PC speakers has been a tradition with Bose for more than 25 years. Debuting with their first Media Mate series that was designed to eliminate image distortion when the speakers were placed near a computer monitor, Bose came out with a range of PC speakers that combined fabulous sound quality, great good looks and state-of-the-art technology. Currently, the Companion series is scaling new heights in terms of styling, compatibility to various multimedia devices and have even eliminated the need for a sound card in your computer, since they have their own in-built one.

Versatile: Bose PC speakers are designed to be hooked up to almost any kind of multimedia device. Be it your desk-top, laptop, smart-phone, tablet or any other portable audio device like your iPod, these speakers provide a great listening experience whether you're listening to music, watching movies or TV on your laptop or playing games. The Companion series 5 is also compatible with Linux kernels. A mini-jack input ensures that you can play from a computer and also an external device.

Design: Bose's world-famous design philosophy combines sleek good looks with compact functionality. The PC speakers are neat and space-saving, yet they pack some great features that provide excellent sound quality. Another plus point is that Bose generally uses more metal parts than plastic, which enhances the sound quality especially when the speakers are placed on a flat wooden surface. The elegant, minimalist design makes these speakers a great accessory to match the rest of the stuff on your desk. The headphone jack in the new Companion series is located in the front portion, making the design convenient and intelligent. The simple yet effective sound control-pod makes it easy to maneuver while playing games or watching TV/movies etc. They can also be wall-mounted for more space-saving.

Sound Quality: Anyone who's used PC speakers knows the pitfalls! Hiss, buzz, crackling, tinny sound, distortion at high volumes etc are some of the bugbears of low end PC speakers. This can be very frustrating especially when you're listening to music. BOSE PC SPEAKERS are known for their crisp, authentic, opera-quality sound and their special acoustic designs enable output of powerful tonal quality with great depth and throw. Some listeners may find the mid-ranges less effective but the surround-sound effect compensates for any of these shortcomings. Customers have been able to adjust the controls with the help of an equalizer and have found that the sound quality remains authentic and clear.

Pricing: Though Bose PC speakers may be positioned towards the higher end of the pricing scale, in the long run, their durability, quality and timeless style elements make them great value for the money you pay.

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