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Bose Bluetooth Headset

Bose is a name that’s synonymous with music systems and speakers that deliver top-quality sound, but they’re also a big name in other advanced technology sound systems and products.

Ever since Bluetooth technology debuted in the early 1990’s, creating a media revolution that changed the way we communicated with each other, the effort has been to find more efficient, comfortable and secure ways to do it. Bluetooth technology in the fields of telecommunications, networks, computers, consumer electronics and other protocols aims to bring them all under a standardized framework. It allows communication across relatively shorter distances, using a radio-based platform. It traditionally uses relatively lower power and is an efficient and economic way to transfer data, files, voice, images, tracking data etc. by means of a transmitter and receiver which can be embedded in many devices like phones, media players, etc. A good headset can enhance the audio quality of communication via Bluetooth.

The Bluetooth Headset series by Bose combines authentic and rich sound quality with convenient controls and a snug fit. The headsets have features that enhance listening and give you consistently good audio, whatever the environment. Another great feature is that Bose Bluetooth headsets can eliminate or reduce external noises and interference. Even if you’re in a noisy or stormy environment, the noise-rejection mike allows you to get the same level of sound quality. Its advanced technology features enable the headset to sense the ambient noise levels and adjust the volume correspondingly. For instance, if you’re at a noisy party or convention, the volume controls get ramped up and they automatically scale down when the place gets quieter, giving you great sound for both ends of your communication. The easy-to-use controls allow you to make and answer calls effortlessly, while being able to listen to other media outputs like podcasts and music via your smart-phone.

The BOSE BLUETOOTH HEADSET are well-balanced, lightweight, compact and they’re designed separately for both right and left ears, so you can choose the option that’s best suited for your requirements and preferences. The sleek, stylish curved design fits comfortably into your ear via the silicone tip so that the sound is evenly distributed through your ear without the need for any separate ear-hook. The power, volume, call, send/end controls are located conveniently on the top and lower ends of the headset so that you can easily operate with just one hand. A power-indicator light shows the battery status of the rechargeable lithium-ion battery that gives 4.5 hours of talk-time.

The kit comes with a wall-mounted charger, USB cable, different sized silicone tips, its own stylish carrying-case, complete operating instructions and a one-year warranty from Bose.

I hope you found this article informative and helpful. You can visit for some more information about the BOSE WIRELESS HEADPHONES and they usually have a nice product selection to choose from.

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