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Bose Bluetooth headphones

When Bluetooth technology debuted in 1994, it revolutionized the way people communicated over short distances and swiftly provided the global wireless standard. It provides a secure, convenient and adaptable technology for a range of devices without the hassle of annoying cables and wires. It uses radio-based transmission and is today built into a huge range of devices that include cars, mobile phones, smart-phones, computers, medical and technical devices and a host of everyday items like toothbrushes and forks! It can also replace wireless cables for phones, mice, keyboards and headsets and is used extensively in the health and wellness field to monitor heart-rate, blood-pressure and sugar levels. Regulating traffic in real time is another great advantage that is provided by Bluetooth technology. This amazing technology allows you to transmit sound, images and data across a pair of devices across a predetermined short space that's usually limited to about 100 meters.

Bose Bluetooth headphones come with the great features that are synonymous with the Bose brand: sleek, stylish good looks, state-of-the-art technology, superb sound quality, compatibility and wireless comfort and convenience. You can get superb immersion sound experience, combined with cushioning round the earpieces that allows you to enjoy your music, movies or TV hands-free while you can continue to do other things like work on your tablet or laptop, talk on your phone or just relax and sip your cup of tea! These headphones allow you to stay connected to two or more devices simultaneously – for instance, you can attend calls on your smart-phone and also watch a talk-show on TV because the headphones incorporate technology that allows you to pause video and resume when you're finished with a phone call. You can also hook up to voice recognition apps.

Another superb variation is the Bose Bluetooth stereo headphones series which supports wireless streaming. This is ideal for your mp3 players, smartphones, tablets or laptops/computers or any other Bluetooth enabled device. Apart from the top-quality acoustics that Bose technology is famous for, the ergonomically designed, slim good looks of these stereo headphones are the additional bonus. The AirBand series offers hands-free integrated microphone which allows you to make and receive calls while you're doing other stuff round the house or office. The intuitive controls can automatically adjust volume-control, tracking and navigation through your music collection a fun experience. Noise-rejection and cancellation headphones allow you to cut out ambient noises so that you get a great listening experience in any environment.

If you hate stuffing things into your ears, these wireless headphones are the perfect solution! They don't have ear-buds or ear-pieces and with a simple wipe, you can easily share your headphones with others without hygiene issues. The battery can last up to eight hours giving you uninterrupted listening pleasure.

I hope you found this article informative and helpful. You can visit for some more information about the BOSE SPORTS HEADPHONES and they usually have a nice product selection to choose from.

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